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Are There Bathrooms In Escape Rooms

First-timers may ask if escape rooms have bathrooms and other amenities to cater to the game players. If you consider the fact that you could be inside the room for as long as 2 hours, such a question is worth asking.

Yeah, there are washrooms in escape rooms but it can depend

There are indeed washrooms in most escape rooms but that can depend on the company that’s offering the service. If you want to play escape room in los angeles, for instance, and the relevant company offering has twitched it to take less time, say 30 minutes, there is a strong chance that such amenities as washrooms will not be provided. It can also depend on how resourceful the company wants to be.

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Some companies will view the idea of a bathroom in escape rooms the same way they view a personal emergency. The bathrooms may be located in a separate facility away from the escape room.

For you to use them, you’ll need to break from the group, get out and help yourself just as you would do if you received an emergency call.

The problem is that most companies will not stop the clock. For that reason, participants are often encouraged to prepare themselves beforehand by visiting the washrooms just before the game commences. A company worth its salt will provide washrooms both in outside spaces such as the lobby and in rooms adjacent to the escape room for convenience reasons.

Bottom line


It is hard to imagine an escape room without a toilet. But that can depend on an array of factors including the time slot permitted by the company. The longer the permitted time, the more likely the washrooms will be provided in rooms adjacent to the escape room. It is prudent to inquire about such amenities when making a booking for the escape room just to stay informed.