What Are The Best Learning Toys For 2 Year Olds?

Toddlers are usually curious and full of energy, especially when they reach two years. Toddlers may start solving simple problems by practicing until they get it right. Toys not only entertain kids but also help in their development. Construction toys and puzzles may help improve the hand-eye coordination of your child.

There are many toys for two-year-olds in the market. Parents should focus on fun and development when choosing toys for their kids. The following are the best 2 year old boys toys and gifts.

1. LEGO Duplo Number Train

LEGO Duplo enables children to learn how to count by building a train. The objective is to ensure that the blocks are put together in the correct order. The train also has three figures that can ride the locomotive.


This toy is an excellent introduction to numbers for toddlers. Most toddlers will learn to account at two years. LEGO trains help improve children’s attention. Children find satisfaction in putting the blocks together, especially when they help each other in doing it. The Duplo figures captivate children the most.


MURO was designed by educational psychologists and is made from rubber, wood and birch. This large play centre can shift to different shapes.

MURO has pegs, cogs, beads, switches and wheels that can keep your child busy and attentive for a long time while having fun.

The toy is durable and appealing to the eye. It has multiple things to move, touch and play with under one board. The toy lives up to its prize and can captivate children of different ages. Some people say that even 6-year-olds can have fun with MURO. The toy can help your child learn to solve problems and explore.

3. 2 In 1 Kick Scooter

This toy is ideal for children who like to be active all the time. Children can push this three-wheeled scooter using their legs, helping them to improve their gross motor skills. The scooter comes with a removable seat, enabling the child to rest. Children can choose to sit or stand while playing, just like a typical scooter.


The scooter has a back brake and a broad base for stability. The toy is durable since it’s made from stainless steel and aluminium. You can adjust the height of the handles, depending on the height of the child. Your child can continue playing with the toy as he grows older. It comes in different colours that you can choose from.

4. Melissa and Doug Bowling Set

This bowling set is excellent for family fun. The collection contains a bowling ball and six brightly coloured pins. The objective is to see if your kid can land a shot. The toy can be useful in fine-tuning the hand-eye coordination of toddlers.

The pins and ball come in a bowling bag with handles. The set is made from plastic, and the kid can play indoors or outdoors.

The plastic is also easy to clean. Your kid can have fun no matter the season. Although bowling is not a sport that you may think of often, this set may end up being your child’s favourite. This is the right toy to help your child be patient.

5. VTech Smart Sports Center

This incredible toy has a 2 in 1 soccer and basketball set. The set helps the kid be confident with their hands and legs. They can enhance their gross motor skills by throwing and kicking. It will also improve their coordination.

The toy has an LED scoreboard that counts the goals they score. The scoreboard encourages and motivates them. Also, your child will learn shapes, colours, letters and numbers. The sounds, phrases and songs can boost language development.

6. Head and Tails Puzzle

This self-correcting puzzle can improve a child’s cognitive abilities. It comes with 15 puzzles consisting of heads and tails of different animals. The kid should join the head of an animal with its tail correctly. There are other themes, such as oceans and toys.

The puzzles can keep the child engaged while avoiding frustrations. The child has a high chance of succeeding in joining the head to the tail.


Toys are essential in the development of a child. Select toys for 2 year old boys that will help your child improve his/her cognitive abilities, memory and problem-solving skills. Also, ensure that the product is durable since toddlers drop or throw things regularly.