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Celebrating Flower Mart, Enriching Mt. Vernon Park’s Culture

Are you into attending festivals?

If you do not know it yet, celebrating festivals is a way to maintain and enrich culture in an area. It is a way to celebrate it and let other people be a part of it. There are many reasons why people travel and participating in different festivals is among their reasons. They want to take part in a culture more different than what they have in their hometown. In the process, they allow themselves to know more about a certain culture. This poses a better understanding and harmony between individuals. If you are traveling because you want to attend festivals and experience a new culture, then coming to Flower Mart will be a good treat for you.

Flower Mart – the festival

Flower Mart is a festival that is happening regularly in the area of Mt. Vernon Park, Baltimore in the state of Maryland. Its history alone is interesting enough beginning in 1911 when the first Flower Mart festival made a debut. A non-profit organization named Women’s Civic League started this and this was founded to make the city more beautiful by encouraging the propagation of vegetables and flowering plants in unused lots of people in the area. They do believe that by promoting this, they are actually encouraging healthy living among people and they are also making the community better and more beautiful. This is not an unrealistic goal since we all know how plants, especially flowering ones, can indeed make any area appealing to the eyes.
Celebrating Flower Mart, Enriching Mt. Vernon Park’s Culture

Flower shops

This is the reason why when encouraged to participate, flower shops, vendors, and other participants in the festival who are knowledgeable in the field, are more than willing to help. They give gardening tips to those who have yet to experience gardening. They explain the particulars of seed planting and what plants require utmost care. They also recommend the best variety of plants in an area depending on the weather and climate being experienced there. Truly, by coming to the Flower Mart, you will learn a lot.

Flower Mart festival, Mt. Vernon Park in Baltimore, Maryland, Planting of flowers and vegetables


Learning is not the only thing you are going to have if you attend this festival in Mt. Vernon Park. You can get entertainment and many treats too.

FAQs | Flower Mart festiva, Mt. Vernon Park in Baltimore, Maryland, Planting of flowers and vegetables


We are proud to say that this festival has already evolved leaps and bounds since the time it started.

About | Flower Mart festiva, Mt. Vernon Park in Baltimore, Maryland, Planting of flowers and vegetables


Now, there are programs being held at this public festival. There is a lot of music, dancing, and even live entertainment involved

Come to Milwaukee!

Plus, participants in the festival are just too enthused to give attendees treats as they go around to check the booths standing all over the area. If you want to know what to expect, then just peruse this website. This is because here, we are going to show you a glimpse of the past festivals for your reference. Check out yourself how fun this is and smile as you see the fun things people who have attended before experienced already.
Make sure to pencil in your calendar the Flower Mart Festival which is being held every May. Be sure to drive out of your garage door in Milwaukee on time so you will not miss it.

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