Flower Mart is a festival that is happening annually in Mt. Vernon Park in Baltimore, Maryland. It started in 1911 and lasted until 1999. However, it was chosen to be revived again which makes it available to the public to date. This is a public festival through and through so expect that if you are going to attend this celebration that you will not need to pay for anything – not a single cent. This is a celebration that happens every Amy which is just strategic because this is when the flowers can be enjoyed well because they are in full bloom. However, even if the name of the festival is Flower Mart and the primary reason why it was founded is to encourage the planting of flowers and vegetables, nowadays, what you will see when you attend is not only related to the plant species. In fact, it has already evolved a lot over time. There are already so many things to see here including arts and crafts, pottery, collectibles, antiques, furniture, home decors, glassware, jewelry, all kinds of souvenirs, and more. Of course, there are still many sellers of plants and vegetables here. This includes seeds of all kinds, plant species you will not see just elsewhere, garden decorations, soil, and related stuff. SO you will definitely enjoy a lot.

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