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Online betting is a growing trend in the US. Nearly every major sports league has an online betting site to play and wager on. No matter your preferences, there is a site for you. For instance, if you like NFL football, then FanDuel and DraftKings are sites that offer many different opportunities to play and bet on games. However, not all betting sites are created equal. The following are some of the best betting sites available for betting online:

1. FanDuel

It’s always a fun experience to play on FanDuel. With their wide variety of games and contests, you can choose the one that’s right for you. They offer many different contests, including NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, MLB baseball, PGA golf, and NASCAR racing. FanDuel also offers college football, basketball, soccer (including Premier League), rugby union, and more. FanDuel is the largest site for online betting in the US. It was founded in 2009 by Nigel Eccles and Tom Griffiths. The site has over 1 billion dollars in bets every year, with over one million people betting on sports each day. They have offices in New York City and Dublin, Ireland.

2. DraftKings

Offers many different ways to play and bet. An online betting site that offers many different opportunities to play and bet on games is DraftKings. You can wager on a range of sports from NFL football to MLB baseball. DraftKings also offers a wide variety of fantasy sports and live betting options. They have many contests to choose from, including head-to-head matchups, tournaments, and season-long leagues for those looking for a long-term commitment. Some other benefits? You can join free or try the DraftKings free contest every day, where you have a chance at over $1 million in prizes!

3. Bovada

Bovada is a US-friendly site, so you don’t have to worry about international betting limits. This site offers wagering on all major sports and other events. They also offer a mobile app for betting from your smartphone or tablet.

Bovada’s odds are updated by the minute, which is great for last-minute bettors. You can get started with a small stake of $25, but they limit how much you can bet on a given day. That being said, Bovada does offer higher limits starting at $1,000. One downside is that their rewards program isn’t very good, and you only get 1% back on your deposits to play with.

4. Bet365

Bet365 is one of the best and most trusted names in online sports betting. With a history dating back over 40 years, they’ve cultivated a reputation for their exceptional payouts and customer service. They offer customers access to more than 200,000 bets on more than 29 different sports with the opportunity to place bets on almost any type of sporting event. With such a wide variety of betting opportunities at your disposal, Bet365 may be the perfect site for you! Bet365 offers some of the best odds on sporting events. They’ve been around for so long because they have a reputation for providing accurate and trustworthy betting lines. Here are a few reasons why you should choose them:

– You can bet online at any time

– You can find great betting lines

– You have access to more than 200,000 bets

– The customer service is excellent

– There are always new promotions being offered

5. Intertops

Intertops have been around for more than 30 years, and they are one of the most trusted names in gambling. They offer a variety of bets on all major sports, in addition to casino games. One perk to Intertops is that you can bet on any game you want, whether it’s live betting or pre-match.

6. is number one on our list for a few reasons. The first is that they offer over 16,000 live betting opportunities every day. Second, the site offers an exclusive $1,000 welcome bonus with plenty of chances to win money. Lastly, has one of the best betting interfaces out there.

7. is one of the oldest and most popular sports betting sites. They offer to bet on every major sport, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and even MMA. Their site has a modern look to it, and they also offer live events for you to watch and the ability to make wagers in real-time during the game. is one of the top 10 online sports betting sites because they have an excellent variety of games to choose from, and their site is very easy to use.

8. Unibet

Unibet is the largest sports betting site in Europe which offers a wide variety of games and bets like horse racing, golf, NFL football, soccer, and much more. Unibet is also known for its live streaming of all major sporting events.


The betting industry is worth billions, growing at a rapid pace. With more and more people getting involved in sports betting and online gaming, the competition is tougher than ever, and you need to find the best betting site to get the most out of your gambling experience.

6 Easy Steps to Succeeding as an Owner Operator

Is it time for you to start a career in owner-operator trucking? Are you in the business and dream of taking it to the next level? Worry not, for we got you! But firstly, let’s resolve the mystery on what is an owner operator trucking? Responsibilities of an owner-operator include all-expense incurrences such as insurance, tax rates, fueling, and equipment maintenance. Independent business operators manage their enterprise’s activities and lead to optimum performance. Sources of work for an owner-operator range from leases to consulting freight brokers who act as third parties between shippers and the owner-operator. You require a CDL, a truck either bought or leased, authority and permits, and licenses to start in the industry.

Several things should be considered before an owner-operator trucking start-up project. Any business is a giant leap not to be taken lightly. Some factors ought to be considered to reap the most out of business. After all, is the end goal not to be happy in the job and make a profit? Here are ten easy steps to propel your owner-operator trucking business to success.

1. Money management skills

How good are your money management skills? Promising drivers have failed in the business after formerly being employed since when the big cheques cashed in, they spent all the money and spared none for future trucking utilities. In other cases, there may be slow months in business. Without savings, the business will fail since truck maintenance is no joke. The main goal as an independent owner-operator is to maximize profits. Operational expenses such as fuel costs are manageable using strategies such as choosing a speed limit within 65MPH and avoiding hard braking and cornering for tire maintenance. Avoid vehicle idling which is fuel wastage, thus bad for your money management skills.

2. Accounting and legal advisors

Often at times, professional advice is taken for granted. However, to succeed in owner operator trucking, especially as a starter driver, consult the experts on business structure, income taxes, record keeping, and the region’s legal issues. The ideal business plan for an owner-operator should contain an executive summary discussing the location of your business, target market and its activities, a company overview narrating the story of your business, staff listing if any, marketing and financial plans such as a website social media platform or group networking, and set goals to remind you of the milestones you aspire to achieve.

3. Get ready to work

Trucking makes no money unless you do cover the miles. Focus on going hard, and the benefits will come to you. Ensure that your income expectations remain realistic and work the truck like it owes you money because it does. Emphasize using the truck’s specs for maximum gains.

4. Profit margin calculation

Evaluate the activity of your owner-operator business from time to time using the golden profit ratio. First, calculate your gross profit, the difference between your operating expenditure and revenue. The amount you get is the gross profit. Divide that by your revenue, and whatever number you get is the percentage of your profit. Expert advice suggests that numbers between 10 and 20 are the healthiest percentages. Aspire to be in that margin for a successful trucking career.

5. Health prioritization

Sole business proprietors should take extra care of their health to maintain operations. Take naps when necessary and avoid long hours that may cause sickness. Prioritize consuming healthy meals and have regular workouts, especially for the backside. Allocate free days to spend time with friends and family. These simple things may make or break your business since your mental and physical health are incorporated.

6. Be patient

Rome was not built in one day or even six months. Human nature thrives with instant gratification. However, in business, the economy is volatile, thus slowing the business and profits. Aim to remain focused and determined in tough times. Be tough like your truck! Plan smart and make well-thought-out decisions.

Being a successful truck driver does not always guarantee to be good in the owner operating business. Apply the above guidelines to take on a business approach in your driving. Have the necessary support systems to improve your skill. This way, there will be no stopping you in your successful owner-operator trucking business.

10 Best Bikes for Carrying Passengers

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who is concerned about passenger comfort and safety, then this is the right article for you. Riding on a naked motorcycle alone on the road is no fun for anyone. You want and need a companion on the road to help you enjoy your motorcycle experience. Read on to discover the 10 best bikes for carrying passengers so that you can ride with that special someone who can enjoy cross country riding with you.

Honda Gold Wing

For decades, Honda Gold Wing has set the benchmark in passenger accommodations. The motorcycle has a smooth 6 cylinder engine, more than enough passenger seating capacity, a wish bone suspension and improved aerodynamics that leaves its passenger feeling good about hitting the road.

Kawasaki Contour 14

The Kawasaki Contour 14 may be a little long in the tooth, but it does not make it less capable with passenger accommodations. A strong frame helps in handling winding backroads and the electronically adjustable windscreen keeps the cockpit comfortable for the driver and passenger. The Kawasaki Contour 14 has saddlebags that allow your passenger to stow away needed items for a long cross country trip.

BMW R 1250 GS

For motorcycle enthusiasts that prefer the unbeaten path, this model checks all of the boxes in passenger comfort. The bike features tele lever front suspension, para lever back suspension, and hill start control which gives it more than enough punch to hit the road with power. The BMW R 1250 GS also features heated seating for driver and passenger that warms your bottom during long, windy and cold rides on the road.

Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

Everyone already knows that the Harley Davidson brand is second to none. The Ultra limited is the American V twin that is comfortable for every passenger. The tall windshield and low leg fairings provide a comfortable cozy riding experience for the passenger. The bike has a pillion/backrest that caters to passenger comfort.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

When Triumph launched the 900 series, it blew away the competition when it comes to on road and off road capabilities. The 900 GT Pro took Triumph motorcycles to the next level. The bike features premium upgrades that include: a tire pressure monitoring system that suits two seated riding, electronically rear shock and heated pillion seating for driver and passenger.

Ural Gear Up

The Ural Gear Up offers a stylish sidecar for passenger comfort. The bike also has a mechanism drive that works well on any road and helps to avoid obstacles on the road. Passenger control is a part of the make up of this bike and it is clear that Ural thought of passenger comfort and safety first before anything else.

Yamaha Tracer 700 GT

With 72 horsepower and 49 pound feet of torque, the bike is already a touring worthy motorcycle. The bike features a taller than usual windscreen, two 20 liter panniers and a comfortable passenger seating area. The Yamaha Tracer 700 GT is ready to hit the road with comfort, style and safety for all aboard.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a classic style bike that will not disappoint. It features low mounted passenger pegs, rear fender loop and a long bench seat for passenger comfort and safety. The bike has more than enough power for the road with its 47 horsepower and 38.6 pound feet of torque.

Suzuki Burgman 650

The Suzuki Burgman 650 is the maxi scooter for two seater riding. The passenger seat offers amped up padding and the bike features heading zones for both the driver and passenger. The bike has a 50 liter under seat compartment that is large enough to hold two helmets. The electronically designed windscreen offers maximum comfort for the driver and passenger. With 56 horsepower and 45 pound feet of torque, the scooter has more than enough power to comfortably carry a passenger. The bike is considered by experts as being one of the most perfect scooters for carrying passengers.

Hones NC750X

The Honda NC750X is seen as an all around bike that can do it all. The bike features a 31.6 seat height, updated bodywork and contoured seat that offers passenger comfort and safety. The bike has a smooth ride for the passenger with its traction control, throttle by wire, combined ABS brakes and slipper clutch.

These are 10 of the best bikes for carrying passengers according to RideApart experts. Gone are the days of a naked motorcycle where you are alone on the road, with your bike. Now you know what bikes to put on your short list for purchase to comfortably and safely carry a passenger who will keep you from being lonely on your cross country trips

brisbane cosmetic clinic

Relocation and Renaming of Bayside Cosmetic Clinic Due to Business Growth

Due to new business opportunities, the Bayside Cosmetic Clinic is being renamed Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic and relocated to Bulimba to meet our ever-growing cosmetic business demands. We welcome you to our new cutting edge cosmetic facilities and are happy to help you with all of your cosmetic needs.


Skinthetics began as a small cosmetic skin surgery clinic run by our director Dr. Mia. After a series of success stories and satisfied customers, brought about by Dr. Mia’s professionalism and attention to detail, Skinthetics has grown to become the premier boutique beauty skincare clinic in Bulimba and beyond. We constantly try to outdo our competitors in terms of both treatment price and quality. After all, the most important thing for us is the well-being and appearance of our customers.


Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic moved from 1/123 Link Rd, Victoria Point, QLD 4165 to 127 Coutts St, Bulimba QLD 4171, and opened on September the 13th 2021, in a more appropriate and appealing part of Brisbane. Our new location is on the Brisbane River, across the street from the Bulimba Golf Course in Vic Lucas park. We treat our clients with the most sought after cosmetic treatments such as face lifts, eyelash extensions, lip filling, brow lamination and many others. We also take care of your dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, bruxism with our premium quality skincare products. By virtue of Dr. Mia’s expertise, her clients have achieved exceptional cosmetic results as well as improvements in wellbeing.


At Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic, you will get 10% off any treatment or product that our competitors offer, provided we have the same products or treatments. This takes into consideration every product and service in our clinic. We strive to provide you with the best in the game products and treatments at a friendly price. We offer a wide variety of skin services and skincare products such that, with consultation from Dr. Mia, everyone can find the right treatment or product for themselves. Treatment types include 10 cosmetic injections, 8 skin treatments, mesotherapy, eyelash lifting, meso BB lips, brow lamination and eyelash extensions.


You can contact us at our new location in Bulimba, check out our specials or read posts on our blog to make sure you choose the right treatment. We’re here to help.


Contact information:

Company: Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic

Address: 127 Coutts St, Bulimba QLD 4171

Telephone number: 0406 011 527


casino tournaments

All You Need to Know about Casino Tournaments

Though online casinos like MerkurXtip have become popular in the last decade, casinos and gambling has been popular for centuries. While players compete against each other for some casino games, in other casino games like slots, only the slot machine is used. Originally casino tournaments were organized at offline casinos, where a particular section of the casino would be cordoned off to prevent anyone disturbing the players. The players were usually playing at the slot machine, spinning as fast as they could. These players are usually playing at a casino tournament and similar tournaments are replicated at the online casinos.


Though casino tournaments can be held for different casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette, casino tournaments are usually held for casino slots. In the casino slots tournament, each player is allowed a certain amount of time to play at the slot machine, placing his bets and spinning the slot machine. At the end of the allocated time period, the number of points of the player is noted and compared with the points of the other players participating in the tournament. The player with the highest number of points is declared the winner and will win the prize which has been promised for the winner.


Typically the casino will charge a fixed fee or ticket from each player who will participate in the casino tournament. The total prize money depends on the number of players since prize money usually is the total entry fee collected from the players participating in the tournament. Depending on the tournament organizer, all the prize money will be given to the overall winner, or the prize money may be distributed among the top three or top five players in the tournament. Many gamblers prefer to participate in these tournaments since the amount they will lose is limited. The prize money for these tournaments is also higher

However, there are a few online casinos, especially free casinos which may hold casino tournaments without any entry fee for the gamblers. These tournaments are usually held for promotion or attracting new players to the casino since it is easier to advertise free stuff. These free tournaments will usually attract players who do not have much money for gambling, yet are willing to spend their time. The prize money for the free tournaments is also lower. Additionally, regular customers of casinos, especially those who spend larger amounts, are often invited to exclusive casino tournaments where only loyal members of the casino can participate.


The duration of the casino tournament will vary depending on the online casino. In some cases, the tournament may last for only a few hours while in other cases, the tournament can continue for a week, month, or longer. Usually, for longer duration tournaments, the prize money is higher. Often the casinos will have tournaments during festive occasions like Christmas or Easter when people have more free time. Typically the casino schedules a casino tournament at a particular time and advertises them so that interested gamblers can register for the tournament. In other cases, the tournament will start as soon as all the slots available are filled. New members of an online casino may also get a free entry to a casino tournament to become familiar, though the prize money is less.


Since all the gamblers participating in the tournament are investing their time, they would like to use the best techniques and strategies to maximize the chances of winning. For slot tournaments, after the tournament organizer has announced the slot machines, the players participating should familiarize themselves with the slot machines, the rules for using them, the wild symbols, and the scatters. It is also advisable to make larger bets to increase the amount which the player could win. Players should be aware that at the end of the tournament, the points remaining will not be added to their balance, they will be wasted.

A gambler who wishes to win more at the online casino should also be mentally prepared. He should spin fast and be mentally alert. The gambler should focus on the game, he should not be angry, anxious, or worrying about other problems. He should also ensure that there are no other distractions like other programs on the computer, phone calls, food being cooked in the kitchen.