This festival is awesome. If you are into flowers then you should definitely come to this place. It is amazing. I thought I am already a good gardener but being here, I learned a lot. I learned about different kinds of seeds to plant in my backyard that will not be beautiful all year round but will give a lot of benefits for me. I learned also about the different water levels each plant should have. It never occurred to me that the reason why there is one plant in my garden that never grows tall and doesn’t look healthy is because I am watering it always. That plant is supposed to get only minimal water because it does not need it. Now, just three months after the festival and after I have revisited how I took care of it, it looks healthier now and a little bit taller. I just hope that it will start producing flowers soon. I get to but also different types of plants like the pitcher plant which is really very nice. This is definitely something that you should visit.

Nice festival. Great music. I hope the celebration could be longer because it is really something that will give you a nice entertainment. There is something to look forward to every night. They do not make a repeat which is nice and not boring at all. The bands and musicians they have chosen are really good. They are not very popular and many of them are from the locals but they are really talented and it is obvious that they can go somewhere far if they are going to pursue a career in music. Definitely, this is a festival I will not get tired of attending every year. Food is nice too and ever flowing. You will never get hungry.